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I have come to the realization I am not a mother who likes to play fight with their children. Roughhousing isn’t my thing. It hurts. And my sons play crazy. The kicks and punches are not light. They fight to kill. They. Fight. To. Kill.

Boys, Mommy loves you with all of her heart but don’t ask me to Mashindano.

I passed my final yoga exam! And though I studied and felt prepared I laughed at some of my answers. On some of them I totally filled the space just to make it look like I was knowledgeable. Just gotta teach my final class and then I’ll be certified.

The face of someone feeling very accomplished

If you’ve seen me out you’ve most likely seen my beloved 64oz TAL water bottle with me. The other day it fell and the top cracked. I felt like I had cracked. I did have to head out to the store today so I got another bottle.

I almost got Zeus. But it felt heavy empty so I stuck to what I know.

Yes, I am intense about my water intake.

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