Chakras in Check


A couple of months ago I got my Access Bars ran by Sheanah of SheMassagesI still need to write about the experience but it was pretty trippy to hear blockades unlock – kind of like sci-fi movie where spaceships are taking off. She posted on her instagram a few days ago she was offering Distance Reiki Healing and to sign up. Earlier this week I decided to do a major clean out of my emails and unsubscribed from a lot of newsletters – so freeing. Cut to last night where Sheanah announces the reiki healing will begin in 10 minutes and get ready. I head back to check my email and realize I have deleted the one sent to me from Sheanah. Not wanting to miss out, I freaked out and messaged here asking if I could get the link. She responded saying she had my name and “I’m in.” So I checked my e-mail and did see another one from her and was pretty bummed. So I just got in bed and red until I feel asleep. This morning I woke up feeling better, lighter – ready to get some shit done. I get a DM from Sheanah asking how I’m feeling and I said to her I couldn’t participate because I didn’t have the email link. I’m sure she laughed at me and how clueless I was because she told me I was “there.” I called Sheanah and had a quick conversation and basically learned all I had to do was submit my name and she sent out healing energies that way.

Even for someone who is into learning/knowing about the mystical world I can still be clueless.

So, yeah. That’s my story. I got Reiki’d. Thanks for coming.

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