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Tarot Card(s) of the Week: Daily Pull

This week was very maternal/nurturing centric.

Sunday: Two of Wands – Definitely was riding off the high of how great last week was. This card was a great indicator to keep doing the damn thing.

Monday: Mother of Swords – Walls are being built. Be careful.

Tuesday: Ace of Pentacles – The seeds of thoughts, plans, and actions have been planted. Now it’s time to nurture and make them grow.

Wednesday: Mother of Cups – My sons were coming back home this day and I was definitely missing them. Sometimes I let my life get too wrapped up into their schedule and needs which is why I made sure to have projects on deck while they were gone.

Thursday: Forgot to pull…oops!

Friday: Seven of Wands – Trust yourself and your choices

Saturday: Four of Swords – You’re doing great, sweetie. Celebrate.



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