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Someone once told me I seemed like a positive person and I didn’t let much get to me. I laughed in their face. In hindsight, I was pretty rude. I’ve been thinking about what this person said and they are right. I am fairly positive and I don’t let things get to me –  especially if the person doesn’t mean much to me. But, that doesn’t mean I let myself get disrespected (Do No Harm. Take No Shit.). Problem I was wallowing so long in negativity and “Woe is Me” I didn’t realize I can be happy positive person. The cards I pulled this week went well with my attitude.



3 of Cups.   I read once you get to the 3’s you are good to go. This was a good one to pull on this day. Sundays are the days I record for Self-Created Podcast with my friend Jernell. 3 of Cups represents friendship and with the world on self-quarantine we can all use friendship and a listening ear more than ever.


9 of Cups. Last weekend was when I had a pep talk with myself to change my attitude and this card backs it up. Worries are gone and it’s only bliss.


3 of Pentacles. It was the night the Pink Moon was at it’s brightest…but our view was covered by clouds. During the Full or New Moon I do a ritual and set intentions. This card represents focus and getting shit done. It also lets you know you can’t do it all by yourself so it’s out to ask for help.


The Chariot. Nothing special was happening other than keeping it positive but it was great to pull The Chariot for a boost toilet me know to keep it up!


6 of Cups. This card taps into the pure innocent joy you had as a child. I’ve been loving all the extra time I’ve had with my sons (Even though I need a “Mommy Break” quite often. Let’s keep it real.) and their happy vibe always rubs off on me.


The Chariot. Not gonna lie, it freaks me out when I get the same card so quickly. Especially after shuffling and cutting the deck several time. But it was a nice card to get again.


 5 of Swords. This was a good warning to not push things that weren’t working. I found myself walking away from situations on this day where in the past I would have been stubborn and made things worse.


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