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During this pandemic, my sons have been joining me more on my morning walks/runs. Last night after we mediateted for a minute, I told them we would be doing a special run today. I explained to them a black man was running in a neighborhood, followed, was shot and killed because of his color. Because he looked like Mommy. My boys are biracial but I know soon the same folks who looked them and admired “their gorgeous skin color(!)” will one day fear and possibly kill them because of their color. They are not exempt. To racists, black is black.

My oldest asked me why would we go on a run if we had the possibility of getting shot. Ugh, what a question. I told them even though there are terrible people out there who don’t care about us we still have to move on and live our life and then I added, “we just have to be careful.” So today, we went on our run, we fed the turtles, talked to another lovely family and enjoyed our time together.

I don’t expect everyone to love each other – honestly, I think that is a silly statement and thought – but it would be great if people minded their own business (aka check their racism and stop hunting black peoples like animals – in case you needed clarity) so we can feel safe enough to have countless days of running around, feeding turtles, trying to catch birds (I keep telling him it’s not gonna happen but hey, he’s gotta learn on his own), sing our Disney Villain songs, and whatever silly shenanigans we chose to during our run.

Living in Columbia, South Carolina and using this blog as my space to share a little insight into my life in what I'm making on the sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks, in the kitchen, and elsewhere.

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