Camping Tips for someone who hasn’t been camping…yet

Next week the boys and I are taking our first camping trip and we’re all very excited about it. This is one of the last hurrahs before the school days return. Since I know absolutely nothing about camping except for what I’ve seen from Friday the 13th movies (one reason I’ve stayed away.), I asked on Instagram for some advice.


Set up as soon as you get there.  You may be tempted/excited to go and explore your new surroundings but you can easily lose track of time and setting up with limited light is not ideal.

Have an air mattress (and an electric pump) and battery powered fan.

Get a pad for the tent (sleeping bags and blankets are fine to use as well

Baby wipes are great for cleaning hands. And other things.

Bring large trash bags. Or as it was suggested to me “Bring. Large. Trash. Bags. You’ll need them.”

Make a checklist. There’s tons of sites where you can find them. Someone suggested this list.

Do a test run in backyard first 

Starter log for fire 

Battery lamp/lantern

French press is a must!

Pack in layers.

Wear tall socks because, bugs 

Pack light

Have a reliable source of heat/fire

Be weary of the weather. It can change quickly.

If you see a man in a hockey mask or a sack over his head,  nice knowing you. He’s the home team and you’re going down.

And while no one told me this, I highly suggest asking if anyone has anything you could borrow. I was so surprised by how many people generously offered me their gear to use. Being a newbie to anything can be overwhelming and costly so not having to drop much money takes the stress off of it all.

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