Get Out of Your head

Shared this on the Self Created Podcast’s Instagram page yesterday and I felt it was worth sharing on the blog.

Are you guilty of over-thinking? I know I am and plenty of times this has caused unnecessary stress and anxiety. So many times I have gotten myself worked up from a scenario I played out in my head, assuming I would know how the other person would react. Or making a big deal out of situation and then something else comes along and it’s all forgotten. The Universe continues to show me that I need to chill the f*ck out and sometimes I succeed. Other times I fail (unlearning habits is a MF). What are some steps to succeeding?

Meditate: Even if for a minute. Take some time to breathe and center yourself.

Realize you can’t control others: You can only control yourself, thoughts, and feelings.

Write it down: I find if I write down what’s bothering me (I visualize the thoughts literally flying out of my head to the paper) it helps clear up the space in my mind.

Be productive: read a couple of pages from a book, go for a walk, drink some water, listen to a podcast (ahem!!) while you complete a chore or errand, anything that’s positive and will help boost your mood.

What are some tips you have for getting out of your head?

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