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It only takes one garment to feel put together



There was a time when dresses were not my thing. Pretty sure it was because I was insecure and never felt girly/pretty enough to wear them. My good friend Jordan, who happens to wear a lot of dresses, told me they are easier to wear because you don’t have to put too much thought in putting different items together (true) and you are put together with only one article of clothing (True true!). A customer asked me why women get so excited when we find vintage dresses with pockets. I explained to him back when they used to make garments they made them to last and fast fashion wasn’t as popular, a lot of clothes had to be multifunctional. I could garden in this dress, cook, pick, up the kids, run errands and still look put together. Plus, DRESSES WITH POCKETS ARE AMAZING!!

Living in Columbia, South Carolina and using this blog as my space to share a little insight into my life in what I'm making on the sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks, in the kitchen, and elsewhere.

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