Rose of Jericho

Tried out my first time lapse this weekend. I was gifted a Rose of Jericho plant and haven’t had the chance to open it up yet.

The Rose of Jericho or “Resurrection Plant” symbolizes protection, power happiness, abundance, peace, love,

luck, and wards away bad power sources. Place it anywhere in your house where negative energy is lingering.

This time lapse is about 4.5 hours. I checked on it this morning and it has opened up more and is much more green!!

I got a shallow dish, filled the base with pebbles, then added distilled water (if you don’t have distilled water, leave tap water out for about 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate – this is what I do to water my other plants). Place the Rose of Jericho in the dish and then (patiently 😊) wait. I probably would have poured water on top of it but I was too scared to overwater it.

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