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Board Game Review: HORRIFIED by Ravensburger

Your favorite Universal Classic Monsters are back and they’re roaming through town. It’s up to your group (or you, if you chose to play solo) to stop them before the townspeople leave because they’ve become…HORRIFIED!!

Another game I selfishly bought for my son for Christmas knowing I would be the one playing it with him. Horrified is co-op game that can be played with 1-5 players. You chose your monsters(if it’s your first time playing, the game suggests starting with Dracula and The Creature From the Black Lagoon), they each come with tasks you have to do in order to defeat them to save the town. But if the monsters attack a villager or Hero (you play as a Hero) an X amount of times, the locals will escape, the town will become HORRIFIED and ruled by the monsters.


The attention to detail in this game is spot on!

The Heroes and Villagers. Another objective is to get the Villager to their specified location safely before they are attacked.

While most monsters prefer to attack Villagers, they will go after a Hero if they are closer. You will have to roll an X amount of dice and hope you don’t get an attacked symbol while in a location with a monster.


If you take anything away from this post, I want it to be this: I F*CKING hate(!) The Invisible Man.

Throughout the board you pick up Tokens of different colors and number and these can be used to either save a Hero from an attack or part of a task to defeat a Monster (see photo above).


I got the game with the intention of me and my oldest playing but the 8yo has been getting into more and will make the suggestion to play it!

At the top of the board is the Terror Marker. If the marker lands on the skull, you have lost the game.

Overall, it’s a fairly easy game to learn. If you’re in a mood for a fun game night where no one will get too angry (unless you pick The Invisible Man) then HORRIFIED is a perfect pick!

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