Memorable Horror Movie Songs

In my time I have seen a crap ton of horror movies. Some good, some bad, some very very bad. But what most of them have had in common is a great soundtrack or music set. I’ve compiled a list of memorable songs (to me) from horror movies which will always remind me of a certain scene.

“Cry Little Sister” by Gerard McMann – The Lost Boys

If you hear this song you think of The Lost Boys. It’s played in the opening credits and towards the end (when Michael defeats David).

I Still Believe by Tim Cappello – The Lost Boys.

If “Cry Little Sister” is the Official song of The Lost Boys this one comes in a close second. While it may be a short scene there’s a lot happening: concert on the boardwalk, head banging, greased up muscle man playing a mean sax, and most importantly, Star. This is when Michael first lays his eyes on her and is enamored. And honestly, I get it. I, too was enamored by Star’s curly hair and amazing outfit. I still want it.

As for the singer, legend has it he still believes…

Tonight (We’ll Make Love Until We Die) by SSQ – The Return of The Living Dead

I saw this movie when I was really young and then revisted it back in my teenage years. I remember recapping it to my brother and talking about the scene where the fabulous Linea Quigley (“Trash”) does her little strip number on top of a tomb and my brother busted out in tune singing “Tonight…!” to which I replied “Wow I can’t believe you remember that song!” This whole soundtrack is an 80’s Punk Rock Lovers fantasy. I heard someone associated with the making of the movie knew a lot of the bands which is why the soundtrack is so great.

“Partytime” by 45 Grave – The Return of the Living Dead

Cut to 00:30secs when the skeleton is emerging from it’s grave and you hear “Do you wanna party! It’s part-time!” Perfection!

Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter: Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight

Whenever I hear this song I instantly think of the beginning of the story where Billy Zane is chasing down William Sadler.

Ballroom Blitz by Sweet – Tales From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood

I prefer Demon Knight over this one but this is a fun sequence and this song fits in so well.

Anything, Anything by Dramarama -Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Now as I watch this scene it is laughable and very cringe-worthy. But it gave us a great song so Even Steven.

April Fools Day (Slaughter High Theme) -Slaughter High.

Probably the best thing about this movie. But that last scene with the needle and the eye…ugh!

Monster Squad Rap – Monster Squad

The creatures have been defeated, the military shows up asking what’s going on and who’s in charge. Sean hands them a business card and casually says “We’re The Monster Squad” and then you’re treated to this rap.

Waxwork 2: Lost in Time Rap by Dwayne ‘Muffla’ Simon and Darryl Pierce- Waxwork 2: Lost in Time

I may have to do a blog post or podcast about the first Waxwork because it is so good. The last 20 minutes of the movie is complete sweet chaos. Then they made Waxwork 2 and it all just went bad. The only good thing about this movie is Bruce Campbell and the rap during the end credits.

Friday 13th Part 3 Opening Credits by Michael Zager and Harry Manfredini

Wait a minute, are we watch Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo? Nope! Jason Vorhees is back and not only did they go disco but it’s also 3D. I don’t know who was responsible for choosing this song as the opening credits but I want to thank them.

Hush by Kula Shaker – I Know What You Did Last Summer

I recently talked about this franchise on my podcast and I mentioned how the soundtrack is so good. Still This song was played in the trailers and since. Go to 1:38 and the song starts playing.

Summer Breeze by Type O Negative – I Know What You Did Last Summer

Why is this kid sitting on the edge drinking and depressed? Who knows?! Who cares?! Listen to the morbid tune of Summer Breeze.

How Do I Deal by Jennifer Love Hewitt – I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

I think Freddie Prinze Jr. is practically pointless in these films (especially the sequel) but I can still appreciate the eye candy as JLH’s song plays in the background. Skip to 2:20 for the song. Also, did you know the capital of Brazil? I sure as hell didn’t. Also, are those cookies or crackers Juile throws at Carla? Life’s mysteries…

Update: It’s coffee!

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Republica – SCREAM

If you know this band you’re probably familiar with their song “Ready To Go” as that was their more popular hit but I always preferred this song. Because of this scene and I went and bought this single (remember buying singles?).

Played before and after Tatum’s demise.

Your Lucky Day in Hell by Eels – Scream 2

Never has “This will be your lucky day in hell. In hell. In hell” been sung so serene.

Sidney’s Lament by Marco Beltrami – Scream Series

You hear this and you know Sidney is sad, worried, or scared and is about to give us a serious stare, or one of her breathless gasps, or infamous hand to the neck moves.

The early 2000s was quite a time for horror films. Movies loved dropping a heavy metal or emo song into the movie. Especially the credits.

Not Falling by Mudvayne – Ghost Ship

The first time I watched this movie I kept falling asleep so it was the sweet melody of Mudvayne playing that allowed me to come to. Clearly I was confused to why everyone who died was going on to another ship and since I didn’t want to bother watching it again I just asked my brother what happened.

Helena by My Chemical Romance – House of Wax

I knew this song before this movie came out but now I associate it with Waxwork. Mostly because I didn’t think it really fit well with how the movie ended. Whatevs.

Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson – The House on Haunted Hill

Down With the Sickness by Richard Cheese – Dawn of the Dead

When the song first starts playing but as soon as you recognize the lyrics you realize Disturbed’s song got a lounge singer spin put on it. Another version that works beautifully in a scene.

Down With the Sickness- Disturbed

Can’t leave out the original! Starts around 1:52

This Night by Ron Underwood and score by Lucian Piane – Sorority Row

This mash up makes it the best death scene…overall the best scene in this movie.
Skip to 1:00

Planet Terror Intro

Raise your hand if you saw the double-feature at the theaters. *raises hand and looks around*
Tarantino and Rodriguez tend to do a good job of picking songs that fit in well with the scenes.

Twilight Series – THE WHOLE Soundtrack.
Hate the movies but listen to the soundtrack. I always tell people the movies aren’t the best but with the cinematography and music it is sooo good. I learned about so many new bands from these movies. It is the movie that introduced me to St. Vincent and that is pay off enough.

Forsaken by David Dramain

Another movie that’s meh but a lot of thought was put into the music. This was one of Jonathan Davis (of Korn) first projects outside of the band.

Fright Night by Ramin Djawadi – Fright Night 2011

Ramin is a freaking music composing genius! He makes me wish I had learned to play an instrument. I really wish the remake of Fright Night got more love because it is a good movie and the music definitely gives it a boost.

How to Kill a Vampire by Ramin Djawadi – Fright Night 2011
This score starts playing towards the end when Charlies busts into Jerry’s house. He’s pissed off and has nothing to lose so he knows one of them is going down permanently.

This is Halloween – Citizens of Halloweentown – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Love this song more than the movie.

Oogie Boogie Song by Oogie Boogie – The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Marilyn Manson is good for putting a spin on a remake.

Oogie Boogie Song by Tiger Army – The Nightmare Before Christmas

My youngest actually prefers this version.

Us. Do Ilike this movie? Maybe? The more I see it the more I like it. I think? Ok, you know what? This is a safe space because this is my blog. The truth is I really like this movie because of the Easter Egg at the beginning. When Adelaide is on the boardwalk with her parents her mom mentions they are filming a movie. Wanna know the movie? It’s THE LOST BOYS! It always comes back to The Lost Boys.

Anthem (from US)” by Michael AbelsUs

I Got 5 On It (feat. Michael Marshall) [Tethered Mix from US] by Luniz -US

This mix got me. It’s what pulled me in to want to see this movie. And why the hell is Adelaide so damn bad at fighting? All that throwing and swinging herself around and she didn’t get in one hit!!

I also asked my brother and sister for their suggestions:

Bodies by Drowning Pool – Jason X

It wasn’t in the movie but it’s played during the trailer but my sister still associates this song with the movie. Still couldn’t help this terrible movie.

Main Link by Jerry Goldsmith – Link

The Howling by Babel – The Howling

Shitlist by L7 – Pet Sematary Two

When I hear this song I think of Natural Born Killers (way better than this movie) but my brother thought it deserved an honorable mention.

This will most likely be list I continuously update as I am sure I missed some (and there’s always new terrible horror movies to watch).

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