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Mini Book Review: The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

This book…ugh. I had to put it down then come back to it. I really wanted to like it. It had its moments but overall not for me. Maybe it’s due to the title of the book – I was hoping for a group of housewives going around at night fighting vampires while their families assumed they were attending their book club meeting.

I have watched too much Buffy.

It’s not hard to get into but you will not root for one character. Maybe Ms. Greene who is basically a secondary character (and black).

The premise of this book is based around housewives (the story is told mostly through Patricia Campbell) living in Mt. Pleasant in a mid to upper middle class neighborhood.  A new neighbor, James, moves in and weird occurrences start to happen. 

The author said he wrote this book because his mom and her friends were stay at home moms/wives and he always wondered what they did in their free time. 

While reading it, I thought these women were incredibly wreckless (ok, stupid) with their choices. 

It is well-written and does a good job of showing how  money and appearances is everything, what it means to be a good Southern Woman, and how you look out for your neighbors (to an extent; if you’re black, poor, and living on the “wrong side” of town then that’s on you). 

I had a hard time getting into and then at the end there’s some gore and gag-worthy moments  (a really gross moment with rats and roaches.) The last part of the book was decent but the rest is for the birds. 

I also think because of the current political climate I am really over the racism and classicism and it can be skewing my view on this book. Or not. 

Ok, maybe I’m changing my opinion on this book. Maybe not. Read it and let’s complain about it together. 

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