Prairie Boho with a little 90’s

The above title is exactly how I would describe this dress.

The inspiration for this dress is from an image I have glued to my vision board. I have two boards: one with motivational words/quotes and the other one with clothes, makeup, accessories, and etc.

I made this dress early into quarantine and it is loosely based off “Hazel” From Victory Patterns.

The fabric was a thrift find. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do with it when I bought but there was several yards and only cost $2 so it wasn’t going to be left behind.

I like to be extra and the gathering around the armhole to give it a little puff effect is right up my alley. I tried to use a gathering foot but on this fabric it wasn’t working for me. I changed the tension and length on my stitch to be a little longer and then gently pulled on the thread to gather the fabric

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