Simplicity 8657 and McCall’s 7576

“Look at that; another pair of wide leg pants.” – my friends, my closet, my sewing machine. This quote could be said by anyone who knows me.

The top: The pattern is by Simplicity and is one that can be “hacked” meaning it’s one pattern that can be created different way. I have used it to make caftans, shirts, and dusters. The design is simple and doesn’t need much fabric (if making the top). I did cut the pattern larger because I like the loose, slouchy look of it.

                                                           RBF coming in strong


The pants: Another easy pattern by McCall’s and it comes with pockets (bonus!). I did make another pair and I extended the waist (I prefer high waist) and inseam. Also, I didn’t like the instructions it gave for making the pants so I ignored them and pieced them together from memory of making other pants and shorts.

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