I Release What No Longer Serves Me

Ahhh! New year! Thank goodness. I am not really a “New Year New Me” person (I usually make resolutions during my birthday in June…sometimes) but I am definitely excited it’s a new year. But now the excuse of “Eh, it’s 2020” is gone it’s time for me to get my ass in gear. I definitely struggled with Seasonal Depression in November and December and slacked overall on things that needed get done. I’ve been working on sticking to my morning ritual. I tend to get up fairly early between 4-5 but since the boys weren’t really on a schedule during winter break mine got off. In the mornings before I start my yoga practice, I either light Palo Santo or sage, read a couple of pages from a book, pull  a tarot card, and do some journaling. This seems like a like but with discipline this doesn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes.

Before today’s practice, I said out loud “I release what no longer serves me. Sadness. Guilt. Comparison. Jealousy.” Then I shuffled my tarot deck and did my daily pull.  I got 9 of Cups. The Cups Suit taps into our emotions. I had pulled a couple of cups cards but they were reversed which means I have been emotionally vomiting everywhere.

It was nice to see the 9 of Cups because it represents you are getting what you want. I’ve been working on being more in the moment and appreciating what I have. Not worrying about what I can’t control. If you don’t believe and tarot and signs that’s totally ok but saying out loud what I wanted and seeing this card brought an overall calm that I needed.


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