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The Tarot: Sacred Divination Journal by Tatianna Tarot and Alter Planning Co

Is there anything better than unexpected happy package? Is there anything better than an unexpected package from a friend who gifts you with an item you will love and cherish for a very long time?!

Last week I received the Tarot Journal by Tatianna Tarot made by Alter Planning Company (thank you, Jernell!) and it was the item I didn’t know I needed.

I try to do a daily tarot pull and switch it up during the New and Full Moon. Usually I’ll record them in my planner and if the card is speaking to me, I will use it as my journaling prompt.

The Tarot Journal allows me to have all of my information in one spot. There is a section for daily pulls, weekly layout, setting intentions, creating a monthly layout, as well as a card tracker. I appreciate the journal is undated so if I happen to miss a couple of days I don’t feel disappointed with seeing a blank space.

The journal also contains a glossary for the Major and Minor Arcana as well as some spreads you can use during the New/Full Moon or when seeking ancestral guidance.

I am someone who tends to keep their journal (no matter how ugly the entries) so I can’t wait to look back a year (even a month) from now to see what changes have occurred.

To get your own planner go to There’s even some freebies on there to help with setting intentions and budgeting.


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