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Ah, The Devil

Before we go further, let’s remember this: In tarot, there are no such things as “good” or “bad” cards. Yes, some tend to be more favorable than others but it’s all in how you want to take it.

Note: while writing this post for the first time, part of it got deleted (not sure how) and I had to retype what I could remember. What the Devil??

This is my very first time pulling this card and instead of flipping out and thinking things were about to get Rosemary Baby, I took a moment to think about how it made me feel. Going off the statement posted above, I didn’t get scared or upset. I was intrigued. The Devil Card isn’t favorable but the cards reflect what you are dealing with in your life.

For me, The Devil is representing self-sabotage. As I have talked about recently, my thoughts and actions have not been the kindest to myself and it has seeped into all parts of my life. My eating hasn’t been great (too much sugar and snacks), my workout regimen has not been consistent (except for the classes I’ve been teaching) and a lot of ideas/projects are going incomplete.

This week was the first time I truly felt motivated to start the new year. Yes, we are 1.5 months in; save your judgement for someone else, k?

I’ve gotten back to journaling and knocked some projects off my checklist. This morning I wasn’t in the mood to do any type of yoga but I pulled this card (I usually pull them before I practice so I can resonate on the card while I flow) and it was the swift kick I needed to get on the mat and sweat it out. I went outside and walked in what has felt like foreverAnother interpretation of the card can be “making a deal” of some sort. I am making a deal with myself to cut the stuff that no longer serves me.

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