Nightgown(?) to Shirtdress

It’s that lovely time in SC where we’re transitioning to Spring and experiencing two seasons in one day (actually, one morning).  Layers are key. I’ve shown this cardigan duster on here before and it is a fave to wear around the house, running errands…whenever. It’s not too bulky or light so it’s perfect for layering with other pieces.

I knew I had planned to eventually remove the duster once it got warmer in the day and I had yet to wear this shirt dress (and I’m fairly certain it is a gown) I thrifted.  I didn’t want it to be too billowy so I used a belt my dad gave me (he used to wear it when he did security for a company more than 20 years ago). Once summer hits I plan to wear it again with flats and let it flow freely.

Also, I need more shirt dresses in my life. I’m a fan of the simplicity and it can be dressed up, down, and worn year round.

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