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Polka Dot Midi Dress and Wide Brims

Another day, another event, another chance to dress up. Today wrapped up three days straight of events. I’m exhausted. Thankful, but exhausted. Phone is on DND.

This was another dress I got during my haul. A friend and I were talking about how it’s hard to find vintage dresses that aren’t made of polyester. Granted, I still buy the polyester dresses but it’s nice when the fabric is breathable and not itchy. (This one is a poly blend.)

Dress: Vintage: Old Mill Antique Mall

Vintage Police Belt:  Old Mill Antique Mall

Hat: Gigi Pip (first brand I’ve found that has hats to fit my big head)

Shoes: Thrifted Now and Then Store

Also, while taking the photos, a lady on the street told me I reminded her a Jonathan Green painting and that was the best compliment ever. I saw the ballet show, Off The Wall And Onto The Stage: Dancing the art of Jonathan Green years ago and loved it so much I cried. I was fortunate enough to meet him a few years ago and almost cried.

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