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New Month New Goals – June Edition

At the beginning of Gemini Season (May 20-21), I gave myself the goal of running everyday until my birthday (June 7th). I used to run all the time but schedule, age, and achy bones have pushed it to the side.  I’ve really enjoyed getting out everyday and feeling the mental and physical benefits; but my body needs a break (less than a week left). Granted my runs have consisted of walking more than anything but the commitment is what matters. I made a promise to myself to complete a goal and  it feels good to be close to the finish line. I tend do really well when I have a set routine but lately I have been out of whack and I’m starting to feel and see the ripple effect it has on every other part of my life.

June is my birthday month and I have always considered it my “new year.” While I have some resentment and complicated feelings that come along with the day I tend try to make goals for how I want the year (my new age) to be. This time I’m taking it month by month.

Journaling every morning. There is something about putting pen to paper in the morning and doing a big brain dump. I’ve gotten away from writing and there are too many thoughts dancing around in my head. I need some space.

Blogging 3-5 times a week (even just posting a picture). I had a great streak for a while where I posted on my blog every day. While I don’t follow Seth Godin closely,  I did read about how he blogs everyday. He said he doesn’t expect every post be great but really it’s more about making a commitment to yourself.

Yoga at least 25 days.  I should preface this by saying when I say “yoga”  I mean the asana part of the practice. Technically you are doing yoga everyday, on and off the mat. A lot of times you are doing yoga and you don’t even realize it. Ok, I know this sounds trippy. I am currently in my 300hr training with Indra Yoga Institute and my mind and view of yoga has changed; nay, it has transformed. I’ll write more about this another day.

Meditate every morning. Meditation is part of yoga (which is what I got specific above). My meditation practice could be…better. I’m not setting a timer or getting to regiment with it. My plan is to play some music, use my mala necklace I received during my 200hr and just chant to myself 108 times (number of beads the necklace)

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