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Coming Soon: “To Sit With” Newsletter

Recently I completed my 300hr YTT with Indra Yoga Institute. I took some time to sit with everything I learned. After completing my 200hr last year, I was so excited to share my knowledge and do a bunch of poses and talk about it’s benefits. But recent events and the mistreatment that continues to happen in the BIPOC community caused me to start feeling disheartened by the “Love and Light” motto. For myself, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to learn more. During the 300hr training, we talked a lot about yoga being *truly* inclusive, social justice, trauma, and so much more. Some days I felt all the emotions. I would find myself grunting in shared frustration or throwing my fist in the air in solidarity after something a fellow student or facilitator said. During training, one of our assignments was to create a community project on how we would take our new teachings and share them within our community. My first goal was (& is) to see more Black Faces in my local yoga community here in Columbia, SC. I have spoken with and know several POC who don’t feel comfortable in the studio or are frustrated by the lack of diversity. At the same time, I started talking to non-POC who also don’t feel comfortable in the studio or attend a studio where they do not understand why certain things are said or chanted.
I want to do more. I want to create a community where we can have meaningful conversations, ask unguarded questions, lovingly share our knowledge, learn, unlearn, and build genuine connections with one another.
So now I bring this to you: When it comes to yoga, what do you know? What do you want to know? How can I help? There are no wrong or right answers.
As I embark on this new journey, I’ll be launching a newsletter, called “To Sit With” (the meaning of asana), where I’ll not only share my experiences but also yours! We’ll build our collective knowledge so we can sit withthe hard things together and move forward with better love and brighter light to share with the world.
If you feel drawn to this, please subscribe to my newsletter, http://eepurl.com/hEvD0n. Let’s get the conversation going. Comment below or email me at shanikalpichey@gmail.com (names will be kept anonymous if requested). Thank you for joining me on this new journey.

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