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Drag Brunch!

Ah, Drag Brunch is back! The first time I ever attended one was at Bone-In Barbecue owned by Scott Hall. Unfortunately, he had to close the restaurant but the timing couldn’t have been better since COVID hit shortly after. You go to these brunches and you are guaranteed to have a good time; which is why tickets sell out so quick.

Where else can you wear a purple wig to brunch and no one bats an eye?

Ok, so I only knew who this person was because years ago I went with Jernell to see the movie Absolutely Fabulous (or “Ab Fab” as the fans say). I grew up watching cheesy horror movies so I have seen a lot.  A lot. I kept looking over at her saying “did that just happen?” as she continued to enjoy the film completely unbothered.


Another fabulous find at the Old Mill Antique Mall in my favorite booth (up the stairs and to the right).

Rainbow Highligter? You better believe it. This up close isn’t the most flattering pic but the highlight must be shown. Also, those aren’t bumps on my chin, they’re sweat beads.  As I told Jernell, you know your makeup is quality and/or your application is good when the sweat just stays on top of the skin instead of melting your makeup off.

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