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Along with the redo goals I made for myself (and finishing up all my half-read books) for July, I also made a promise to myself to be more present. Hardly am I just in a moment. I find I am constantly living in the past or worrying about the future.

This morning I  took a yoga class with my teacher of my 200hr training and during the class she kept saying “Can you come back to your home (self)?” Well, I think that was the phrase. Its been a long day and I can’t really remember (anyone else want to sometimes have a notebook next to them in class so they can jot down notes?) I can’t be responsible for remembering phrases, let alone my name when I’m trying to keep my balance in Warrior III /Virabhadrasana III. Hmm, maybe this is part of the challenge of being present.

Ways I’m working on being more present to be more present:

Meditate. 6 days into the new month and I am doing a little better (taking all the small victories). This is a practice I really want to make permanent in my daily routine.

Make a list. Knowing what I have to do for the day helps me not feel as scattered-brained.

Pranayama. I am all about a breathing technique. Box Breathing and Ujjayi are my go to’s at the moment.

Yoga. For me, I feel forced to be present during my asana practice. When my mind wanders, my form is compromised and I tend to make mistakes.

Journal. Sometimes I am not in the mood to journal in the morning so I am giving myself the option to do so at night. I also need to start keeping it with me when I’m out so I can write any random thoughts or hear something that resonates with me.

Less phone time. I’m going back to having my phone in a different room by a certain time at night. My son recently got a phone and I can’t preach to him about not being on the phone too much when he constantly sees me on mine. When I’m watching a show or movie, I’m trying to not have the phone next to me so I won’t be tempted to open up Candy Crush (I could delete it but, baby steps), or scroll through my social media feeds.

Tasting my food. Slowing down my bites, taking time to smell the spices, feel the texture, and assessing how it makes me feel. I probably won’t do this with every meal (egg whites are just freaking egg whites) but when I take the time to create a meal, I should also take the time to enjoy it.


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