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Meditation through Kayaking

I had some unexpected free time this week and after kayaking and paddle boarding with a friend last week, I was itching for more time in the water. I headed to Sesquicentennial early this morning and was the only person out on the water. At one point i had my phone on, listening to a podcast, but I decided to just be in the moment and take in the sounds of nature.

This was my first time heading out on the kayak alone and even as a grown-ass adult, I still get nervous doing things by myself (anyone else?). Pretty soon, the nerves subsided and I went between paddling at full strength (I love to sneak in workouts when possible) to letting myself coast and float on the calm waters.

I have a Sea Eagle 330. I don’t have much experience with different kayaks but this one is inflatable and can be quite heavy to carry (even with two people helping) and I don’t feel comfortable dragging it across the ground. Major shout out to my friend Brandy, who suggested I take my cart with me to transport it

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