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Soda City Style: Simple Cream Dress

I found this dress at my favorite booth at the Old Mill Antique Mall. The description was “Halston -style 70’s dress.”

I’m a fan of a dress with a basic silhouette which allows for it to be either dressed up or down. Today I went simple…ish; we’ll discuss the earrings in a moment.

My first thought was to pair it with a duster but the heat is still being complete disrespectful so for now, the less, the better.

Dress: Thrifted, Old Mill Antique Mall

Sandals: Second-hand store

Headband: Made by me

Earrings: Hippy Do-Da Creations. One of my favorite follows is Sara Clark (we interviewed her for our podcast) and she is always wearing beautiful tassel earrings. Earrings like these command attention so I kept the rest of the jewelry minimal today (no necklaces and a simple bracelet). Usually, I don’t go for earrings like these because I’m lazy when it comes to changing out my earrings (and jewelry in general) and no matter how many times Chris tells me how to care for my pieces, I’m constantly asking her to fix them (love ya, Chris!).

Flowers: gifted by two very kind customers.

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