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Extended Beanie Life

Even though a lot of the items I wear are either upcylced or handmade, I still try to be conscious of what I buy. Several years ago, I knitted a beanie for my son; it’s 100% wool and I dyed the yarn using turmeric.

He’s been using it for years and loves it. As the temps dropped and the layers came out, I noticed as he put on the beanie it was barely covering his ears. My first instinct was to buy more bulky yarn and knit him a new one. Realizing I am short for time and wouldn’t be able to have a fully knit beanie ready for him the next day, I started thinking of other solutions – extend the length (and life)  of the beanie . After a project, I keep most of my scraps. The yarn I used  was from a blanket scarf I made a couple of years ago. I used a crochet hook and did a couple of single crochet stitches. The project took minutes.

He’s a fan!

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