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Personal Time. What is it? No seriously, what is it?

Yesterday I had my last therapy session for the year. Getting the boys and myself into therapy is one of the best decisions I have made this year. While I gave updates about what was happening in my life, I told her I needed to work on having more personal time because as someone who is productive and gets a lot done, a lot of it is not just for me. I mentioned the facials I got but when asked about other things I have done, my mind went blank. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’ve gone for a hike. Granted, there have been some kayaking sessions but my last hike was…I don’t even know.

My problem is trying to dissect what is considered free time and what is something that is maintenance for life. For example, seeing an esthetician. Is taking care of my skin really personal time? Isn’t skin maintenance something everyone should do (and have)?

I took the question “Do you struggle with free time? What do you consider free time?” to my Instagram stories and here are some of the responses:

“Time to do something alone. Not for anyone else. Drinking water and staring at a wall.”

“Rest. Dog walks. TV. Mindless activities. Mindful Activities.”

”I consider free time as the option to do nothing, even if I choose to do something.”

“Uninterrupted time with my thoughts. It never happens.”

”Cooking meals or shopping.”

”OMG. I literally had this exact convo with my therapist today!”

”No answer. Same struggle.”

”Doing nothing or something I want to do.”


This one was a major gut punch:

Another issue that came up during our session was being distracted. I have been on my phone way too much lately and the doom scrolling has become out of control.

Last night I met up with Jernell but before we met, our text convo went like this:

Her advice to was to do things I enjoy without a goal:

  • Sew just to sew, not because an event is coming up
  • Read, but not to complete a goal.
  • Make something for the sake of making.
  • Go for a hike and enjoy the view, not for the workout.

I’m also going to try to go on more solo dates (museum visits, seeing a movie (the matinee, while most people are at work or school to avoid crowds), day trips. And possibly, dating.

Once again, I’m asking the question:

Do you struggle with free time? What do you consider free time?


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