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Skincare: Gua Sha, Microcurrent, and laying (slightly!) off the oils.

Confession: It has taken me a very long time in life before I got a proper facial (translation: seeing a professional).

I discovered Christina of up & up through femme x Columbia.  I love to experiment with skincare (to an extent) and have always tried to mix in holistic practices. After scrolling through Christina’s Instagrams, stories, and tips she shared (especially gua sha), I knew I had to book as soon as possible. My first appointment with her was the Yoga Glow.  Friends, the lymphatic drainage was no joke. I’m someone who tends to use the bathroom a lot (going for a gallon a day) but this treatment took it to a whole ‘nother level.

The following month I chose to go with the Deep Clean. Y’all, our skin is nasty; I love it. There is only so much we can do daily and topical but sometimes we need a little machine to suck out all of the gunk. Warning: the next photo isn’t pretty.

All of this came from my nose. Love it. 


I really enjoy going to Christina.  The casual setting of femme x  allows it to not feel as sterile and intimidating. It’s like going over to a friend’s place who is going to do really great work on your face…responsibly

During our session, Christina shared some tips with me.

Some takeaways:

  • Lay off the oils (at least in the morning – this is a toughie for me).
  • Your Suscreen should just be a sunscreen. I ordered Sea Clearly by Sorei Skin from Christina and I am loving it. The texture has a nice slip so it’s giving me the same feel I would have if I was using my Nourishing Face Oil (thank goodness!).
  • If you use a micro-current (like NuFace – I love mine) and are not a fan of the goopy feel of the recommended gel, create your own mix of aloe Vera gel, Silver Colloidal, and microcurrent gel.
  • Stick to a creamy face wash. During our first appointment, I told Christina I was using a foaming cleanser and she pointed out the effects it was having on my skin (clogged pores – over stripping the natural oils). She told me the best time to use a foaming face wash (if you must) was when your cycle is about to approach or during.
  • Don’t scrape too hard with the gua sha (oops). And make sure to use it flat or at an angle. Also, if you prefer to use your tool warmed (if it’s a stone tool), place it a cup of warm water for a few minutes and test it before applying to your skin. She also recommended a great book, The Book of Lymph.
  • Use your micro-current tool after your gua sha; the gua sha will help get things moving.

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