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Creating an Effective Morning Routine – Updated

I have written about my morning routine in the past but since then, I have added in more Ayurvedic practices. Within Ayurveda (oldest healing science), there is huge importance placed on Dinacharya (daily routine). Each conscious choice you make has an effect on how your day will go.

Wake up Early/According to your Brahma time – 90 minutes before sunrise 

I’ve always been an early bird so this isn’t too hard of a step for me. Recently I’ve become a certified Reiki Practitioner (check out Sheanah Rivers) so I start my morning be saying the Reiki Principles. Before I would simply say “Thankful for it all”

Best time to wake up? Learn your Dosha then go by the suggested time.

Kapha – 4:30 am

Pitta – 5:30 am

Vata – 6:00 am


I start the day by reading from The Daily Stoic.  Stoicism is a word that is often used incorrectly in our society. Many times it is used to describe a man that doesn’t show emotion. Completely wrong. What I have learned about stoicism from reading The Daily Stoic its about learning how to handle situations that are in your control and gearing your focus, energy, and emotions towards what truly matters (to you).

Chose which foot will step out of the bed first.

Take a deep breath, feel which nostril feels less blocked, then step out with that foot. If my left nostril passage feels more “open,” I will step out with my left foot and vice versa.

This is something I learned during YTT. Quite honestly, I cannot remember what the benefit of this is but I’m someone who likes quirky things so, I do it. 


I read somewhere that women are more likely to hold their bladder because they become so consumed with tasks. This can lead to UTIs and weaker pelvic floor muscles. Pee. 

Scrape my tongue

Friends, if you take anything, anything at all from this post, let it be this: SCRAPE YOUR DAMN TONGUE!! I knew about tongue scraping for years but never thought much about it; I thought brushing my tongue was enough. It’s not. Scrape your tongue. Our tongues are nasty. I feel like I am scraping out years and years(!) of bacteria that was just hanging out on my taste buds. I do this every morning and night and I have my sons doing it as well.

With Ayurveda practices, it’s suggested to use a copper tongue scraper; copper is a bacteria resistant metal.

Floss and Brush Teeth

Self-explanatory, right?

Splash face/eyes with cold water 5 times.

Another tip I learned during training. You can create a custom eyewash depending on your dosha but plain cold water is just fine. To wash my eyes, I will cup water in my hands and gently flicker my eyes open. 

Drink Water

Water is my jam. I have been lugging around my 64oz bottle for years (and would get looks or laughed at by friends ) but now it’s the norm. I know there are a lot of suggestions that drinking water  first thing in the morning is best but I cannot imagine doing it now without scraping my tongue. If I don’t, all I will visualize is the nasty bacteria traveling down my throat and attacking my gut. I do have a copper bottle but I have read mixed messages about using it daily for drinking water so some days I skip it.

Light Palo Santo

Make my bed and Listen to Gemini Today

I don’t adhere to the  “Make your bed everyday to be successful” bit. I do it mainly so I’m not tempted to get back under the covers. It doesn’t take long for me to make it up so I usually take this time to also listen to my daily horoscope, Gemini Today on Spotify.

Take my Vitamins and Tinctures

For the longest, I stayed away from CBD. Mainly because of naïveté. After getting a crash course from a friend about the benefits of CBD and given samples to try, my attitude towards it has completely changed. Currently I’m using Prismatic Plants Good Day and Good Night. I went with this brand because they also incorporate adaptogens into their mix.

I love taking supplements. I probably take too many but I feel good taking them so no harm no foul. 

Apply Oil Drops in my Ears

This helps with excess earwax, poor hearing and lockjaw. Sesame oil is great one to use. For my dosha, I use Brahmi Oil.

Pull a Tarot Card.

Along with The Daily Stoic, pulling a card in the morning helps set my tone for the day.

Journaling/Brain Dump

There’s been research stating the average person has 6,000 thoughts a day; some claim more. It won’t hurt you to take five minutes to write down some of them. Depending on The Daily Stoic’s message or my tarot card, I will use it as a journal prompt. Other times I will write whatever comes to mind, including what needs to be done for the day.


I bought a space heater a few months back to create a hot yoga atmosphere in my room. Really, I just love the heat for waking up my cranky bones. While I’m in the bathroom I turn the heater on, allowing time for the room to get to my preferred temp. Yoga used to be my main source of fitness for quite some time but I have been working with a personal trainer. On days we don’t have our virtual sessions, I will do one of the workouts she has written for me. On those days I will do a mini yoga session, mainly Sun Salutations .

I was gifted a mala necklace during my first YTT and use it during my mediation. Coming to a seated position on my meditation pillow, I will take my mala necklace in my right hand, draping the beads over my middle and ring finger an. I start with the bead to the right of the guru bead (the middle or largest bead on your necklace), placing my thumb on top, using it to guide the beads across my fingers. With each bead, I will repeat my mantra, say “Om,” or do a full rotation of breath (inhale and exhale). I don’t meditate for too long, usually 7-12 minutes. I also listen to a Chakra Healing playlist during my meditations.

Take a Cold Shower

I’ve known about the benefits of taking cold showers/baths  to help with muscle recovery but learning about Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Breathing Method, I decided to give them a try.  Wim Hof, also known as
The Iceman, talks about the therapeutic benefits of cold shower/baths: better sleep, focus, more energy, and improves immune system. One of my favorite benefits is how it helps me be in control of my breath. Not gonna lie, when that water hits my face and body (mainly my back), I looking  like a gaping fish out of water. I notice my body’s first response is to yell “I don’t like this. ABORT!”  but seconds later, I’m back to focusing and controlling my breath. If you don’t want to jump right in, start by making your shower lukewarm then gradually turn off the hot water 

Dry Brushing and Applying Oils

I have spoken about my love for Dry Brushing before and it remains the same. The biggest benefits (for me) is lymphatic drainage and great looking skin. I do this after my showers and before applying my body oil and creams.

Be Easy on myself

No each day is ever the same so sometimes certain steps in my routine may get skipped ( ex: I may meditate and journal once my sons are up and ready for school). That’s ok. Except for the tongue. Scrape it.

I took the question to Instagram Stories and here are some of the responses:

“Sunshine, water, coffee, sun salutations”


”Say the Reiki Principles”

”Hydrate, coffee, read aloud”

”Pet the kitties and laugh as their fat asses haul it downstairs to be fed”

“Meditation and walking the pups”



”Coffee Coffee Coffee”

“Drink water as soon as I wake up”

”Stretch, Meditate, Prayer, Oil Pulling. Hot water and lemon and local honey”

“Downing a big glass of water first thing in the morning”

”Yoga. And text my bestie 3 things I’m grateful for every morning.”

Living in Columbia, South Carolina and using this blog as my space to share a little insight into my life in what I'm making on the sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks, in the kitchen, and elsewhere.

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