About Me

About Me:

My name is Shanika.Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister. Unique, Black Sheep of the family (in a good way….if possible. Let’s just say I’m really different). Creative mind., thinks outside of the box, vintage lover, antique-aholic, DIY-er, always planning a party in my head (among other things), my mind goes a mile a minute (this is why my journal is always with me). Runner, goals of being a marathoner, triathlete, and iron man (woman), Hot Tamales is my drug (and no, I won’t get help), down to try anything (almost) at least once. Obsessed with sharks (very obsessed), driven, determined, building confidence in myself everyday. Traditional yet modern. Bree Van de Camp is my idol (well, except for the alcoholism part. And yes, I know she is a character but that woman is AWESOME!). Yep, that’s about it…for now.


Book Reviews:

Warning/Dislcaimer: In no way am I claiming to be a book critic. I love to read books and I am only expressing my personal feelings. There may or may not be a few spoilers in my reviews. You may or may not like what I have to say about a book. Leave your thoughts/comment. I would love to discuss it with you!


Let’s talk:

Think I’m your cup of tea (green is my favorite)? Shoot me an e-mail: shanikalpichey {at} gmail.com