Anniversary Celebration….Sort Of

It has been a little over a year since I dislocated my knee. So instead of doing just doing a same ‘ol same ‘ol recap and update of how I am doing, I decided I am going to write a letter.

Dear Knee,

My! What a year it has been. I got to experience wonderful things:cabin fever, crutches, full dependency on others. Love it. I loved how every time I went to the doctor I heard the words”dramatic, traumatic, “this type of injury only occurs in car accidents or if someone falls off the building.””  But, the best part was hearing my doctor tell me that I may not be able to run for 6 months…..probably a year. I had to say bye-bye to the race I was training for. I called the people that were in charge of the race and told them my situation. Their response, “Use it or lost it.” In other words, I don’t get my money back. Even though they had plenty of plenty that would have been more than happy to take my spot. JERKS! One of my favorite morning rituals was going down the steps on my bottom. That was fun. really fun. Going up the steps? Always had to make sure someone was behind me to ensure I didn’t fall. I had to wear flats….a lot *shudders* I always had to wait for people to open the door for me, constantly asking what was wrong. If I had a dime for every time someone would ask me if I would run again, I would be a millionaire. Add the crazy look I got when I responded “Yes” I would be a gajillionaire.

 That’s right. I decided I was still going to run. My doctor said six months….try two.  Physical Therapy? Didn’t need it. Why? Cuz I’m a badass! Because I had the drive and deteremination to get out there and I did. It hasn’t been easy but I am not giving up.

I have been honoring you this week by wearing nothing but heels. Because I love my heels. 

So….here’s to more difficult runs and swollen nights. 



I am going to end this post with one of my favorite running songs of ALL TIME.


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