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Appreciate the Process


Took this during a recent hammock hang.In a few hours, I will be attending one of my final weekends of my Yoga Teacher Training. Via teleconference. Just like  everyone else, adjustments have been made. While I am excited and thankful for another weekend with my Sakhi crew I am bummed it has to happen this way. Like most in my class, I was excited the end was near. While this has been a rewarding experience, it has also been mentally and physically exhausting; especially when you add in personal life situations.

I have been working really hard on trying to change my attitude and how I perceive things so during that weekend I decided to just appreciate the process. I appreciate how one weekend a month, I have committed to myself and my passion for yoga. I appreciate how it made me be more discipline in how I scheduled my life. I appreciate the knowledge I have learned. I appreciate the good and the bad.

This time is forcing a lot of us to slow down and just be. Most of the times we want things done and as quickly as possible. When I’m sewing, I just want it to be over so I can get to the final project. When I’m creating items for Sebastian Harper I just want the items labeled and packaged.

Now, I’m trying to appreciate the steps. I appreciate the moments I find time to sew because it allows me to create. I am able to listen to podcasts or watch movie on my tablet (two birds one stone), I’m able to see how my skills have grown (man, those early projects are sad sacks).

When I’m making items for my business, I am working on appreciating each step because if I’m making more items it means I have been selling them because people like my products!

I was going to title this “Enjoy the process” but there’s a difference between “enjoying” and “appreciate.”

There’s no way you are going to enjoy every single part of the process. Usually, the finally outcome tends to be the part that’s truly enjoyed. But you can look back appreciate the steps it took to get there.


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