Book Review: The Cartel 3: The Last Chapter – 11

Um………when reading this book, it is black and white. You will either be really into it, shocked by the events, and find yourself hurriedly flipping the pages to see what happens next or you will read the book rolling your eyes, hurriedly flipping the pages because you just want it to be finished. I’m most definitely the latter.
Personally, I feel the authors killed off too many main characters in the first book (You can see a quick recap of book one and the review of book two here.) therefore they scrambled in the last two books to try to make a good story.
So after the pure ridiculousness that was book 2 ( I still feel like you can skip that book and head straight to the third one without being lost) we find ourselves in book 3. Breeze is still being held captive by Ma’tee and although she is able to escape from him, she finds herself in a worse predicament. Which, by the way, makes me want to slap this girl! I mean, she has absolutely no common sense. Lesson to parents: please don’t shelter your children too much. They need to have street smarts. Carter is incarcerated but after a few connections and a lot of money is thrown around, he is released. Which is no surprise. I mean, we can’t have one of the main characters behind bars the whole book, can we?? Mecca is still trying to avoid his grandfather, Estes, because he was too trigger happy and stupid. In this book, I did start to feel for Mecca. He realizes his wrongdoings and genuinely tries to change. Why is it that we always go for the bad guys? Well, at least I do. Throw in some other story lines of old (what’s left) and new characters, blood shed, bullets being filled into the chest (an actual line from the book) of people, stereotypes, and that is The Cartel 3.
Maybe I’ve read too many books so it is very hard for me to be surprised by anything so as I read this book and saw how blatant things were put in my face I pretty much had the story figured out. I don’t want to give too much away (for those that may actually read the book) but I will say that I was not happy with the ending. Although……it did leave it open for another series to begin. And I’ll be honest, if they (the authors) do go this route, I will most likely read the books as I have an obsession with reading about the same characters.
I don’t think that urban books are my thing (such as I will probably never read a James Patterson-type book. I don’t mystery or crime solving.). I only read this book beause it was chosen for a book club that I used to attend. Will I read another “urban” book……Probably not. But hey, anything is possible.


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