Book Review: Fingerprints and Facelifts by Rick Copp-16

Tess, Dani, and Claire ran a very successful Private Investigation business back in the 80?s called LA Dolls. During their times as the ?Dolls,? they brought down and placed some of the meanest and baddest criminals behind bars. Due to internal conflict, the Dolls called it quits and each went their separate ways. Dani became a cop and despite her hard work she still does not receive the respect (or position) she deserves. Claire became a stay home mom and hung up her guns for an apron and broom. Tess married rich, became a socialite and can be seen covering several magazine spreads on a weekly basis.

 Twenty five years later, is now targeting their children. The Dolls have their suspicion it is someone they put away while they were still a trio. Thinking they would never band together again, the ladies decide to put aside their personal differences to try to find who is going after their children. 
I REALLY enjoyed this book. One of the main reasons I got it was because I love the title (and cover).

This book definitely has a Charlie?s Angels feel to it. I thought the author would take the route of having the women complain about their old age and how they felt “achy.” Well, there was complaint about age and self-consciousness. But what women doesn’t have that. And there were no achy bones in this story. These women kicked some major A-S-S! This book has made me a fan of Rick Copp and I plan to check out his other books as well. I love Chick Lit Mystery.


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