Book Review: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

I was not the hugest fan of her other book I read, Love The One You?re With. I have spoken to other people and they said LTOYW has been their least favorite as well. They also said they enjoyed this book a lot more because they could relate to it since the tragedy of cheating spouses/parents and divorce hit close to home.

Heart of the Matter evolves around one of the biggest no-no’s in relationships: infidelity. What I liked about this story is how it is told from both sides: the wife (Tessa) and the other woman (Valerie). From the very beginning of the book, I was very Team Tessa. I felt that she was completely misunderstood by her husband, Nick. He believed Tessa was becoming too much like the gossip-y, two-faced, all-about-appearance, my-life-is-PERFECT women that lived in their neighborhood. You can also add having two young whiny children to the mix that caused him to pull away form his wife. Tessa was trying her hardest to keep her family together and keep Nick happy. So she tried to avoid arguments and bit her tongue on a lot of things; even when she suspected him of cheating.

I think Nick?s appeal to Valerie was her strong-willed personality. She was single mom and made it all on her own. She had a son that was very well behaved and ?precocious,? as described in the book. Nick sees Valerie and Charlie as an escape from his life. I wasn?t a fan of Valerie or Nick from the very beginning. They knew what they were doing was wrong (sometimes cheaters don?t realize that) yet they still pursued this. It wasn?t until the very end that I felt for Valerie (still don?t like Nick). She wanted to feel loved (romantically). Who doesn?t want that?
I like how the book was real. There wasn?t anything too romantic about the affair. I felt there could have been a better build up or climax (no pun intended) but the storyline stayed tame. It came down to Valerie feeling alone, wanting companionship, and wanting a father (or at least a father figure) for her son Charlie.

I wish the author would have also shown Nick?s side. We get a glimpse of it from both Valerie?s and Tessa?s side but it would have been interesting to see his point of view.

You may or may not agree with the decision that Tessa makes but by the end of the book you will be asking yourself, ?If my spouse cheated on me, what would I do??

Have you read Heart of The Matter? What were your thoughts?


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