Book Review: Something Blue by Emily Giffin – 1

I put a “1” in the title because this is the first book out of 50 100 I am reading for my 30 Before 30.

Something Blue starts off where Something Borrowed ends. This time, it is told from Darcy’s point of view. And quite a point of view it is. As we soon learn, Darcy has always been selfish, mean, and self-absorbed; lthough she wouldn’t see it this way. In my opinion, she is not a good friend. I wouldn’t call her a “frienemy” because she is too caught up in her world to realize the things she say or do hurt people. She believes her actions are ok and justified. She feels that since she got the looks it was ok for her to outshine everyone; including her best friend (or shall I say, “ex-best friend”) Rachel (the smart one).

Before Rachel and Dex even started their affair, Darcy admits to the reader that she was cheating on Dex while they were dating (pre-Marcus). She didn’t sleep with the guys but she did make out with them giving them false hope of a chance with her. She kept telling herself that once her and Dex got married, the cheating would stop. Until, she met Marcus. Marcus is Dex’s friend from college. He is best known for being the second to last in their graduating class (We learn in the first book he did this on purpose. Yeah, I don’t get it either). Dex is cuter, smarter, and has much more couth than Marcus. Yet Darcy still wants him. Why? Because she wants every guy to want her. She is also intrigued by Marcus and the hot woman that was with him the first time they met. From that meeting, all she could think about was Marcus. She tried to hook him up with Rachel hoping that this would take him off her mind. Instead, she became obsessed with him. Things between Darcy and Marcus were completely platonic until the Fourth of July weekend when Rachel and Dex were in the city “working” and she and the rest of the crew were out in the Hamptons. After one too many drinks, Darcy and Marcus sleep together.

They both said it was a mistake and it would never happen again. Riiiight. The “mistake” happens again….and again. This leads to Darcy becoming pregnant which leads to her confessing to Rachel in her bedroom which leads to her finding Dex crouched down in Rachel’s closet. Being typical Darcy, she blames this all on Dex and Rachel. She tries to see all of this as a sign that she is not meant o be with Dex and she is really meant to be with Marcus. After playing the same games with Marcus and being completely obsessed with Rachel and Dex’s relationship, Marcus breaks up with her. He doesn’t want to marry her and he doesn’t want to be a father.

Feeling completely alone and wanting to get out of the city, Darcy decides to call her other oldest friend, Ethan, and tell him that she is coming to visit. Darcy is on the mission to find her new “Dex” (or Alistair as she says in the book) that will take care of her, buy her everything she wants, and all will be right in the world again. Yes, she is still pregnant. No, she doesn’t do much to prepare for it.

So here we are in London, halfway through the book and Darcy still hasn’t changed. At this point, I have lost all hope for this girl. I am sure that a climax is coming but I don’t know how good it will be.

 Finally, it comes. Ethan lets her know that she is selfish (Duh!), self-absorbed (Duh!), a bad friend (Duh!), and hasn’t done one thing to prepare for motherhood (DDUUUUHHHH!!).

After being hit with a dose of reality, Darcy decides she is going to make some changes. She finds two new girls (that she tries very hard not too judge by their looks) that eventually become her friends, works on trying to let go of the hatred she has for Rachel and Dex and even falls in love….so she thinks. She meets someone (her new OB/GYN) who becomes absolutely smitten with her. On paper he is like Dex, with an accent. As she starts this new relationship she realizes that she is possibly falling for Ethan. Since she is determined to be a “New Darcy” she chooses not to pursue him. What happens, who does she choose? Well, I’m not going to tell you everything. Read it for yourself!!

Personally, I didn’t like this one as much as the first. I didn’t feel like Darcy’s change was too drastic. I also felt like things didn’t get that bad for her. She was able to take a leave of absence from her job and head to London and stay with a friend. Not bad for someone who felt like there life was over.

If you’ve read Something Blue, what were your thoughts. What did you think of the new Darcy?


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