Book Reviews: 32 Candles and Gone Girl

   Lately I have been reading like a crazy person. I cannot get enough of books. 

The last two books I have read had two things in common: nothing is as it seems. 

32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter
The title of book is a play off the movie Sixteen Candles
I thought the book was going in in one direction: coming of age story in which a girl who has had a terrible childhood finds her voice and gets the guy in the end. Halfway through there’s a little twist I did not expect. 
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
What can I say about this book? It is a Lifetime movie on steroids. I finished it almost a week ago and I am still thinking about it. I know I really enjoyed a book when it stays on my mind. The last two books to do that to me were The Help and Hunger Games. It does take some time to get into it but JUST KEEP WITH IT. My emotions went through the gamut. I’m pretty sure I added some wrinkles to my forehead and around my eyes because my brows continously stayed furrowed while I read the craziness that is Gone Girl.  I hope they do the movie justice. I read Ben Affleck is going to play the lead male character Nick. He wouldn’t be my first choice but I’ll (try to) keep an open mind. 

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  • Rachel

    Hello. I'm stalking you. I read Gone Girl and could not get over it either! I've never read anything so messed up and fabulous. I read Sharp Objects after Gone Girl. I didn't think it was as good but still pretty captivating.

    Side note… Ben Affleck? UGH. First Batman and now this? Killing me.

    • shanikalpichey

      I am reading Sharp Objects right now. I really REALLY love Ben Affleck but not as Batman. My brother who is more of a comic nerd than I am made a good point: if they are going to try to franchise and make a League of Justice movie, it could be a few years and Ben is already up there in age. No one wants Batman to be 50.

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