Diversity and Inclusion in the Yoga Community

Sharing a post I had written on Instagram. Sadly, my experience isn’t new (nor will it be the last) but I’m getting really tired of the BS.


Earlier this week, a situation (now resolved) occurred and it shook me. As I thought about it, replayed it over and over again, I started to get really sad. And angry.

I mentally noted the yoga studios I am familiar with in Columbia (and surrounding cities) and realized there is a major lack of inclusion. While I know of Black (certified) Yoga Teachers, many of them are not teaching in studios. I so badly wanted to be able to talk to someone I knew about my situation. I felt alone. I have friends I spoke to about it and while they were there to sympathize, it’s not the same.

I love yoga. To me it’s more than just a physical practice. I strive to practice and honor yoga in all aspects of my daily life.

I’m tired of being the only (or one of the few) person(s) of color in a yoga class. I’m tired of not seeing Black Yogis being represented in Columbia. I’m just really tired.

Yes, studios may have the sign that says “All are Welcome” but what is being done to ensure this? No more with Performative Allyship. I don’t care how many stats and pretty graphics you post on your stories if the folks attending and teaching at your studios don’t represent them.

I don’t care about the lovely quote you found to post for MLK day.

I have a included some questions and suggestions for yoga students and owners to use. Interested in doing the actual work? Well, that’s gonna cost you cause, I know my worth (also, reparations).

Black Yoga Teachers wanting to be hired: I know it can be scary and intimidating to ask these questions; you just spent so much time and money getting certified and all you want to do is teach. Don’t be afraid of the consequences. If there is pushback from the owner of the studio, then it wasn’t meant for you. PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me. I implore it.

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