(faux) Fur-Tastic!

I’ve had these pair of boots for years and they have decided to deteriorate on me.

You’re probably thinking “If you buy quality shoes, this wouldn’t’ happen.”  This is true but I don’t wear leather shoes (or any animal of any type) so I have a hard time finding a quality shoe that I like. Plus, as mentioned, I have had these shoes for years so I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it. The bones of the boots are still good so I didn’t want to get rid of them. I figure, if you can recover chairs you can recover shoes, right? In the past couple of weeks I have been seeing a lot of faux fur lately.

I googled, “Faux Fur Boots” and found these lovely ones from Chanel:

After I saw these shoes, I knew that my deteriorated boots had another purpose. 
What I used:
Boa fur trim
Hot glue gun
After measuring the fur (by placing it against my boots), I would snip the piece from the boa and attach it to the boot. It probably took me about 20 minutes to complete. Here are the end results:

Yep, I’m in love.
I also made a feather skirt a la love Maegan and wore it to my job’s party. The lighting isn’t the best but you can see still the skirt…..somewhat.
This skirt was made out of an old dress.
Who said recovering/refurbishing was only for furniture?!?! 


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