Giveaway:Tickets for Polygraph Lounge at Harbison Theatre

I kept it simple: flipped a coin  

This is my first giveaway! WOO HOO!!
I really enjoyed my first experience at the Harbison Theatre. I was able to take my son with me to see The Story Squad. I’m glad a theatre is incorporating all the members of the family instead of just having shows geared towards adults. Harbison Theatre has been kicking some major booty in their innagural season. Their next performers are Carnegie Hall  regulars and have been playing in the band of award-winning musician Paul Simon for 40 years: Polygraph Lounge

Polygraph Lounge gets audiences buzzing with an arsenal of
original instruments and vocal styling, all fired directly at your funny bone.
Direct from a standing engagement at Carnegie Hall in New York City, this
charismatic duo strip mines pop music favorites of yesterday, today, and
tomorrow delighting parents and children alike. 

This means you can take your child to a theatre and not have to worry about keeping them quiet, entertained, or in their seats. They can actually be *exaggerated gasps* themselves.
Bonus: this can all be experienced for FREE!!

I have a pair (2) of tickets up for grabs.

To Enter:
Leave a comment. It can be anything such as “I want the tickets” “Hot Tamales are the best candy ever” or “The Walking Dead is the best show on TV” You know, something along those lines.
I will pick a winner on Friday at 1:00PM.
Good luck!
To stay updated with all of the happenings at the Harbison Theatre, be sure to follow them on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook.

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