Hmmm….am I a Hypocrite?

For most of my life, I have been very conscious of the food I eat. First being when I hit my teenage years and I became obsessed with body image. Next was when I decided to become a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian for personal (not diet) reasons. I felt that I didn’t need an animal to give me nutrients or clothing. So I gave up meat and leather. I have reverted back to eating seafood (mainly salmon) but still no leather. As I researched about being a vegetarian I learned about the process of how food was made. It was very sad and very disgusting. I couldn’t believe how much hormones and other unnatural products were injected into things we eat on a daily basis! This led to me giving up milk and switching to soy, almond, and rice milk. White bread for wheat or whole grain. And being absolutely paranoid of the word “High-fructose corn syrup.” I started reading labels of everything I bought because I wanted to know what was going inside my body.

I must say that I am not completely perfect when it comes to my eating. I can probably do better but there are some things that taste so darn good. Ice Cream, cheese, Hot Tamales (my freaking vice!!!) cakes and pastries!! I could probably do without these things but I chose not to.

After getting my eating habits on the right track, I started to think about my hair. I thought if I am so conscious about what I put into my body, why not my hair?

This question started my natural hair journey. I must say, I am VERY HAPPY that I decided to take this journey.

I remember watching Behind the Music with Lenny Kravitz (so freaking hot!) and there was a part when he was talking about cutting his dreads and how he felt all this energy being “released.” Back when I watched this I was still in my “relaxed days” and started to bust out laughing. I was convinced that Lenny was off his rocker (although still very hot!). I am now eating my words. I didn’t realize it then but my hair definitely controlled my mood and took a lot of my energy.

When I became pregnant, I became even more paranoid (If that was even possible. And yes, it is. I’m still a big ball of paranoia. *sighs*). I wanted to make sure things I ate and smelled wouldn’t affect the baby. I made a point to continue to workout to keep myself and the baby healthy. I never had the “eating for two” mentality because I personally feel this sets up women to pig out during their pregnancy which leads to many being overweight, diabetic, having high-blood pressure, and other complications. I know that there are HUNDREDS of other reasons on why some women have complications during their pregnancy but I also feel that many can be prevented. Once again, just my personal opinion.

I knew that I would also nurse my child (didn’t know what I was having until birth…..I had a boy) and would be making all of their food from scratch. I was not going to let my child have formula (yuck!) and they would not be drinking the milk from a cow (blech!). Not only was this good for the body but also the bank account (especially when you got an eater on your hands! And I do!).

By the way, my son does eat meat. So does my husband. Just like everything in his life, he can choose whether or not he wants to be a vegetarian.

BUT, while I am the one that is responsible for what he is eating, I make his choices as healthy as possible. Whole wheat pancakes, whole wheat bread, home made chicken nuggets, sweet potatoes instead of white, soy or almond milk (which he loves). He also likes a few of the green smoothies I make!

Anyways, to the whole point of this post (and title). While at work today I was speaking with someone about laundry detergent. I was telling her about the one(s) I bought this weekend. Once I named them off she gave me this look and said, “You mean to tell me you DON’T USE organic/natural detergent?!). At the time I thought nothing of it and I said “No, I don’t. I have tried some natural/organic ones such as Green Works but I didn’t feel like it got our clothes clean the way I like them.” Immediately I felt the need to defend myself and tell them that when I am cleaning I do use vinegar and baking soda majority of the time. Why the need to defend myself? I don’t know.

I never put much thought into the detergent I used for my clothes. I do work out HARD. This leaves my workout clothes very sweaty and sensitive to the olfactory system. So I have to have a detergent that is going to get my clothes CLEAN. Also, I sometimes “re-wash” our clothes on the rinse cycle. Why? Couldn’t tell you.

I know for a fact my co-worker meant no harm by what they said but it did make me question myself, “Am I doing enough?” “Am I a hypocrite?”

As I mentioned before, I try my hardest to very conscious of what I put on or in my body. I can’t fully control what is put in food when I go out to restaurants, bakery, and ice cream shops and like I said, I do have a weakness for some foods and candies that are not good for you. So, for about 90% of my life I am very healthy. I think I can live with that.

So I will ask you: Am I a hypocrite? Can I do better? Is it my paranoia?

Also, if you have a great recommendation on a natural/organic/earth friendly detergent, I would be more than happy to try it out.

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  • rUntoNamAste

    I don't think you're a hypocrite at all. Your co-worker is conscious detergent wise, but what about all other areas? [Diet, exercise, energy etc etc?] We simply can't cover all the bases. I too considered switching out all of my cleaning and cosmetic product for their greener counterparts but doing it all in one shot was a bit overwhelming, not to mention recession un-friendly. So I only replaced the multi-purpose cleaner and dish detergent because I use those the most. Only 2 items! That counts for something. As for laundry det. I'm a Tide Sport girl all the way. I haven't tried the greener alternatives though, mainly because of the higher cost.

    Didn't know you were veg by the way. Hoo-ray!

  • ernise

    Nope, I don't think you're a hypocrite. You're doing what you can, and you've made a conscious decision to change what you can. If you can't make changes in that one area, so be it. No harm, no foul. Do what is right gor you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks ladies!! I will just chalk it up to my paranoia and being self-conscious. I am TRYING to do the best I can and I'm sure it will be a never-ending change/process. I have switched over my make-up..yet. Only because I don't wear much so what I have lasts a VERY LONG TIME! Plus, as long as the packaging nots that no animals were harmed or tested, I'm cool.

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