I Bought an Air Plant and I Can’t Stop Talking About It!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my stories in the past week and notice I bought an air plant and I have continuously talked about it. I was looking for plants that would be very low maintenance (I also got some pothos, schefflera, snake plants, and a few succulents.).

I picked this one up at a local shop, Plant Shop at Old Mill.??There were a few air plants to choose?from but I liked the look of this one:

The employee at the shop wasn’t sure of what type of air plant it was but a quick Pinterest search showed me it is an Oxacana.

They did give me a few suggestions on how to care for it:??place it in water for 30 minutes when I got home and then to place it upside down on towel to let it dry out. Or mist it with a diluted Miracle Grow. Place it in a seashell as they contain calcium and will help keep the plant alive. Or to use gravel that contains calcium.

I also looked up other tips as well: submerge in water for 30 minutes every two weeks, use tap water that has sat for a while (long enough for the chlorine to evaporate), give it bright filtered light, and use Bromeliad or air plant fertilizer once or twice a month.

There’s tons of information out there but I have enough to keep mine alive and thriving (fingers crossed!).

Where it’s currently living:

I placed it in a pinch pot from a friend of mine.

I’m considering giving it a name. Too far?

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