“I would love to but my Lipsologist says…”

At the beginning of the year I got an e-mail from the awesome ladies of Flock and Rally informing me about SHE Columbia. What is SHE Columbia? In their own words:

SHE is a party, a culinary experience, a learning opportunity and a shopping spree, all rolled into one. With fashion shows, demonstrations, giveaways, celebrity appearances and hundreds of vendors and boutiques, SHE Columbia is the ultimate girls? weekend for the Midlands.

For more information go to www.shecola.com.

The fun starts tonight with Elise Testone of American Idol.

One of the main things that stuck out to me was a Lipsologist would be present givng lip readings. A Lipsologist? Say whaaa? I had to know more.

I contacted FandR and ask them if the Lipsologist, Ariana, would be interested in doing an interview. Lucky for me, she said yes! This interview was suppose to happen weeks ago but life continued to get in the way (sick boys, dead cell phone, reality tv…just kidding. Maybe). Ariana suggested I send her my lip prints and she would read to me what she found during our interview.

She instructed me to kiss the paper 3 times, number the lips in the order I kissed, sign and date. I also had to apply lipstick before each kiss. She suggested I use any color but no pastels and no lipgloss.

When I called Ariana I apologized for all the mishaps that delayed us from being able to speak but I’ve been really busy. Her response, “Yeah, I know. You are very stressed. I can see it in your top lip. But we’ll get into that.”


Before we dug in I asked her why Lips? Her response, “Lips are fun. You laugh, smile, giggle, and kiss using your lips.” She has been a Palmist and Tarot Reader for for over 30 years but she states Lipsology is not predictive. It tells you about the factors already in your life. Like a doctor, they cannot predict what will happen but they can advise what needs to be changed or stay the same in order for you to llive a healthy life.

Ariana stated there have been a few times when the lips will be intuitive into something major happening soon in someone’s life (i.e traveling, divorce, change of occupation).

I asked her how long one should wait between a reading to see a difference in their lip print and she told me lips are forever changing. But she advised one should not depend on lip prints to determine how to live their life.

Couldn’t you see a singer taking a Lipsoslogist on the road with them while touring?! Lipsology is going to be the next big thing. Just watch.

Who’s on her famous list? President Obama, his wife, and daughters, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Think you can alter your lips in your favor? Don’t bother. Whether your lips are moist, cracked, or Restalyne filled, Ariana won’t be fooled.

She did say where you live can have a difference in your print.

Considering couples therapy but dont want to see a therapist? Ariana’s got your covered. And yes, the men have to put on lipstick.

Now, lets talk about what my lips revealed.
? I’m stretched to thin and dont say  “no” easily.
?I’m feeling overwhelmed. She suggests I do a brain dump, write a to-do list and take off a few things that aren’t too important.
?I have a sweet Hug Pucker which reveals I like to snuggle, am very passionate, but I won’t express it in public.
?I’m not a cheap date, a bit of a foodie yet I’m having a battle with food right now.
?I have the Mother Hen lip print which shows I like to take care of people.
?My upper lip shows I’m somewhat picky, I don’t like to take things in and listen as much as I like telling (who asked her?).
?The right side of my body is working harder to compensate for the left side. I told her I dislocated my left knee a few years back and she suggested I get a massage or try acupunture.
?I’m super focused, very spiritual but my nature line suggests I get out more and soak up the sunshine.
?Good with animals, very expressive and getting myself out there.
?I’m idealistic, live in my head alot.
?I was very worried about someone in the past but the worry is getting lighter.

I would say she was scarily spot on with what she told me.

Ariana will be available to read lips Friday, February 8th from 4-9. I wasn’t able to confirm exact times for Saturday and Sunday but she will be around. But, there is plenty of other things to pique your interest. Once again, here is the site, www.shecola.com

SHE Columbia
Feb 8-10, 2013
 Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

If you want to learn more about Lipsology or if you’re interested in becoming one go to www.lipsology.com. You’ll also learn more about Jilly Eddy, the founder of Lipsology.


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  • Ariana Lightningstorm

    WONDERFUL article!! You are an excellent writer – of course a Lipsologist can tell since you have such a great expressive lower lip. You can also find me on the east coast at lipmessages.com and I'd LOVE to read your lip prints, too!

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