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Not sure if I shared it on the blog but at the end of April I became certified to be a Cycle Instructor! I’ve been taking classes for about two years straight and I am hooked! It’s one full hour of me pushing myself as hard as I can. Even if I slack on my other workouts I always bring it on cycling nights. ?I got my certification through Reebok and my instructor was Debbie Bellenger. I know there are plenty of courses out there so pick the one that’s best for you (and your budget). Before I became certified, I started to keep a list of songs I wanted to use once I started to teach (because the music can really make a difference!). This part can be tricky because a song may have a great tempo for running but it may not translate to the bike. Also, you have to make sure you have a good mixture of slow, medium, and fast; as well as “rest” songs. Since I did some searching on the web to see what others were using I decided to share some of my playlists.



Song Technique Cues Modification
Kanye West – The Workout Plan (5:21) Warm-up Up for 30 Down for 30 You can stay seated or up, just stretch the legs.
Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeah Up and Down 8 seconds Level 4 ? Can take a rest and stay down.
Heathens by Twenty One Pilots Slow Heavy Climb. Start at level 3-3.5. Stand when it gets tough. Start when song is 10 seconds in. Turn every 20 seconds If it gets too tough, stop turning or scale it back.
Is She With You? -Wonder Woman Theme by Hans Zimmer Jumps, Flat road, Hover, Sprint-Dash Jumps at the beginning – 4 drum beat / 1:08-1:13 Jump / 1:20-1:24 Jump / 1:47-1:51 Jump / 1:59 Hover (level 4) / 2:22 Slight Turn up / 2:46 Sit -Steady (level 3) / 3:08 Start Jumps and Down 3 Times / 4:14-4:40 Standing Sprint-Dash / Easy rest of the song (Level 2-3) ?Can do every other jump.
Oui by Jeremih Seated Climb. Start at 5; turn every minute
Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz 20/20/20 (up for 20, hover for 20, seated for 20) Starts at 10 seconds into the second. Doing only level, 3,4,5
You Could be Mine by Guns N’ Roses Up, Dash at the chorus, down, stretch it out Up :30/ sit 1:06 / dash 1:32 / stretch 1:58 / down 2:10 / dash 2:36 / stretch 3:00 / dash 4:28 / seated 4:40 / up 5:10 Can do seated dash
Westworld Theme Active Rest
Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO Standing Hover start at 3.5 turn every 20 seconds If you don’t want to hover the entire time you can sit but make sure to keep the upper body stiff Can do a seated hover (hands are position at the top of the handle bars)
Blaze of Glory by Jon Bon Jovi Reverse Hill Start at 7 for 1:15, 30 sec rest/ Level 6 1:00, 30 sec rest / Level 5 :45, 30 sec rest / Level 4 :30
BOB by Outkast 30 second stand sprint, 30 second seat sprint / 20 second rest
All These Things That I’ve Done Killers Stand Level 7 1:15, 30 sec rest / Level 6 1:00 30 sec rest / Level 5 :30 , 30 sec rest / Level 4 :15 secs
Cancion Del Mariachi (Desperado Soundtrack) 15 second dashes ?15 seconds on, 15 seconds off ?Can do every other dash if you need more time to rest
Game of Thrones Theme Song Stretches


This is for an 1-hr class. I’ll share my other lists over the next week or two.

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