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Need to Make a Decision? Reach for the Pendulum.

It’s the early 2000s and the show Charmed has a grip on my life. Each week, I watched the Halliwell Sisters fight demons, navigate their love life and careers; all while wearing the fashions of the early aughts. This show is also the first memory (I can recall) when I saw a pendulum being used. One of the sisters would get snatched by a bad guy and the other sisters would use a pendulum to locate them. Being that it was a supernatural tv show, the use and power of the pendulum was a bit…enhanced. (Don’t expect yours to fly across the room to locate something).

I never really gave pendulums another thought until I did my reiki training with Sheanah Rivers. During our sessions, she showed me her pendulum and how you could use it to make decisions and locate missing items. “A pendulum is a tool that can be used to receive guidance from your inner being/guides,” explains Sheanah.

Most pendulums you see for sale may be triangular shaped with a pointed tip but you can use something you already have or make your own.  “Some may wish to get an actual pendulum but even a necklace with a charm can be used.” 

When to use a pendulum  

Depending on your needs, you may have different uses for your pendulum. “I use mine sometimes with Reiki sessions to figure out what energy centers may have any blockages. The pendulum may swing clockwise for centers that are open and counterclockwise for energy centers that need a little more love” says Rivers. And for how often should you use it? “Whenever you’re called to. I’ve used mine to locate misplaced items, self Reiki treatments, and picking out supplements.” 

Purchasing a Pendulum

Sheanah explained many believe a pendulum should be gifted but if you are going to purchase your own, choose local. “I’d choose a local store if you can so you can see what calls to you.”

How to use your Pendulum:

If you are  healer you can use it during your sessions but for daily use, here are some ways to get started:

“Center yourself and say, “Please show me yes” your pendulum may swing side to side/front to back/clockwise/counterclockwise.“ explains Rivers.

Did you know you can use yourself as a pendulum? Sheanah describes how:

“Put your feet together and stand up straight. Again, center yourself and say out loud or to yourself “Please show me yes” your body may lean side to side or front to back. Then ask “please show me no” and see which direction you move. I’ve held items to my chest and said “does my body need this?” and have gotten an immediate response.”


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