Operation: Glitter Part One (Dining Chairs)

My dining chairs have seen better days.
They have fallen victim to pen and calligraphy ink and one of the tops broke off (wrong place wrong time). I also used them as the resting place for my end tables’ doors. Nothing was wrong with the chairs except for them looking like Sugar Honey Ice Tea. I was not ready to part with them so I decided to paint them black, give them some (glitter) sparkle, and reupholster the seating in purple. I didn’t think the glitter idea would work. When I Googled ways to do it I came up empty handed. Wanna know how I did it? It’s really simple!
What you need:
Glitter (I used gold)
Clear Gloss
Old food can (veggies, fruit, pork and beans, whatever!)
Pour some gloss into the can then add glitter little by little. Make sure to mix it up as the glitter will settle to the bottom. Then start applying. You will dip your paint brush (and stir it) into the can numerous of times. It depends on how much glitter you want on your pieces.
 Here is the after:
I’m in LURVE!!!!!!


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