?Need new designs for my sites (I?m working on them)
?Blog more
?Find time to blog more
?Start making lists of things I want to get accomplished everyday (even if it’s reading 20 pages
in a book)
?I think I am going to start putting my nail polishes into rotation (I had a hard time on Sunday figuring out what color I wanted on my hands and toes)
?I have started Insanity and it?s?..INSANE!! Not too difficult??yet
?I am taking my Fondant and Gum Paste class. Enjoying it so far. Will post pics later
?Pretty soon I will start training for my very first Marathon (need a running buddy!)
?I?m obsessed with Green Smoothies
?I have been watching less TV and have been reading more books

I think that?s about it for now. I think I might try to do my random thoughts maybe once or every other week and base my posts off of them. We?ll see how it goes!

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