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Last night I headed to the Free Time Best of Columbia Party. This year’s theme was space. I love a theme party (and dressing for one!) I didn’t want to go too costume-y for this party. I wanted to make something I could wear again and not get funny looks.?

?My outfit?robot skirt and robot purse

The shirt

The shirt is a re-dye. I had originally dyed it with purple cabbage and loved the way it looked. Unfortunately, the dye didn’t stay well. Food dyes tend to stick better to animal fibers and this shirt is cotton. I re-dyed it with log wood. I loved the uneven dyed look the shirt had; kind of reminded me of space. I’m still playing around with my formula for log wood but I do have post coming soon. ?


The skirt

I had this skirt pinned for a while and used it as inspiration.

?sister mag skirt cover

Image Source


I kept the making of the skirt very simple. I had some fabric that was long and wide enough for the length I wanted. I sewed the skirt together, hemmed the bottom, sewed an opening for the elastic, inserted it, closed the opening, and that’s that. I do plan to a make a skirt more tailored and fitting (like the inspiration pic). I love the look of the pleats and the cinched waist. Plus, I want to try appliqueing again.?

This was my first time using the applique technique and I just decided to wing it. I didn’t use a template for the robot. I just cut a few pieces for the head, body, leg, hands, etc.?

I pinned the robot to the skirt and attached it with the zigzag stitch.


DSC02162 DSC02163 DSC02161 ?DSC02165 DSC02164

The Purse

?robot purse

I didn’t plan to make a purse but when I showed the finished skirt to my crafty buddy Jordan, she suggested a purse. In her mind she meant an applique purse. Welp! I took it to another level.?

I didn’t have inspiration for the purse; again I just, say it with me, “Winged it!”

I had some vinyl fabric in my stash and used it to make the robot. I left the seams and sewing stitches exposed. I feel it gives more character. For he arms and leg I used added poly fill to make therm more sturdy. I had dowel rods so I painted them black and used them for the handles. If I had more time I would have spent it reinforcing the purse.?


I love all the pieces! Can’t wait to wear them individually.?


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