Say Yes Then Figure it out Later (Alt Title: My first time making a corset)

Most of the skills I have developed over the years come from someone requesting somehing from me and I tell them it can be done.  Knit a sweater? Yes. Make a quilt? Of course. Need a corset in less than *24 hours? You got it!

This corset wasn’t too dificult to make. I just looked at a picture of a few and just winged it. I used one yard of fabric, REALLY thick interfacing, two yards of lace trim, grommets, and ribbon.

I got a new sewing machine about a month ago and I absolutely love it.  I will have to write a separate post on it. My older one could not have been able to handle this project so smoothly.

*I can’t give Jernell too much of a hard time. She did tell me about a week in advance she needed a corset made but for some reason I thought the event was in March. So here we are on a Friday night at Jo-Ann gettting materials (perfect date night for me). The following night I met her in the parking lot, laced her up, and sent her on her merry way. Couple of days later she told me she had some soreness from the corset. My job was done.

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