Something Borrowed Movie Review

Movie compared to the book:
As always, the book will be better (unless your name is Twilight. Yes, I feel the need to include this every single time. That is how much I DID NOT LIKE those books.). The story line stayed the same about how things (Rachel and Dex sleeping together) happened. My sister mentioned that they hooked up a lot more in the book compared to movie. This is true. My opinion on this: They wanted to keep it PG-13 so a broader audience would be able to see the movie. Plus, adding in all the sex scenes from the book would make it a really long movie. I had a major issue with two of the characters: Marcus and Ethan. In the movie, they have Marcus as a CREEPER! In the book, Marcus is likable.  In the movie…..there are no words. The other character I had issues with: Ethan. In the movie, they tried to make him too funny. I am not too familiar with John Krasinski so I’m assuming those are the type of roles he usually plays. That is not the vibe I get from Ethan. It’s not like he has a stick up his ass in the book but he definitely wouldn’t put up with Darcy’s crap and banter with her like they did in the movie.
 Even though Kate Hudson looks nothing like the way the character is described in the book, she played the role well. They had Darcy a little too crazy in the movie but that’s because Kate knows how to play crazy well so the director (or whoever) definitely capitalized on that. The actor who played Dex was a great choice. He looks like a Dex. Ginnifer Goodwin was great as Rachel. Personally, I think she is really pretty. It is not the typical “pretty.” I am not sure what it is but she always looks great on the red carpet.  Check her out at the premiere:

The movie in general:

Hmm…..Honestly, the movie played like a Lifetime Movie. Or one that you would see on ABC Family. It had  funny moments but overall it was pretty cheesy. I would wait for the Redbox on this one.
Have you seen the movie? Thoughts?


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